Want to be outstanding in summer? Fashion bloggers wear summer dresses like this.

Most of the girls love dresses. All kinds of dresses enable girls to bloom with different charms and highlight their unique personalities. Wearing dresses especially in summer gives people the feeling of freshness and confidence. Also, a suitable dress can show women's elegance. Dress styles and colours play an important role when paring with different shoes or accessories. There is no exaggeration that as long as you choose a summer dress that suits you, it can be worn for the entire summer.

How to choose a suitable dress

• Decide dress length according to body shape

People differ from each other. Girls who have different body shapes are suitable for different lengths of clothes. It is very necessary to choose a dress based on the figure, so as to achieve the effect of maximizing strengths and avoiding weaknesses. For example, girls with a good figure have a few choices in summer skirts. Wearing short styles can show a cute impression, and long styles can show an elegant and stable one. For relatively short girls, they should know how to hide their disadvantages first and avoid choosing long skirts to lower their height. They are more suitable for short skirts, which can make people look younger. Dresses with some details such as the design on the waist can visually increase the proportion of the body, which makes people look more attractive.

girls wearing byiris summer dress in the garden

• Take skin tone into consideration

In addition to the body figure factor, you should also consider the skin tone when purchasing summer dresses. Fair-skinned girls have the advantage of choosing a variety of colours, especially bright colours. It is safer for girls with yellow and black skins to choose some light-coloured skirts because light colour has a high sense of Morandi colour.

• Select the one you like

Whether you choose a dress based on your figure or skin, you still need to choose the one you like. The charm that everyone exudes is different. Therefore, dressing up according to your own personal preferences is the most effective way to mix and match, which can release the charm of personal styling.

Summer dresses in vogue

White colour

White is a versatile colour because it can match various styles of dresses. These clean and pure colours make girls extremely gentle. In the summer sunshine, the white dress makes girls more elegant and attractive. The pure white dress sometimes looks too monotonous. Adding some elements to embellish it can make this dress more colourful. For example, you can choose a white linen dress with a suit collar.

girls wearing white linen dress in the garden

• Linen dress

Literary style girls prefer dresses made of linen fabric. The texture embodied by the linen fabric can enhance the personal taste. The linen fabric dress has greater breathability and is very comfortable to wear. Utilizing the elegant and intellectual brought by the original linen colour with the V-neck design better display the feminine charm.

Floral skirt

Some people look old-fashioned when they wear floral skirts because the patterns of floral skirts have not been carefully selected. If you want to look younger, you must avoid skirts with too rich colours or too complicated floral patterns. Small floral patterns and some relatively low-key colours can increase the sense of agility of the floral skirt, therefore having the effect of reducing age.

summer dress Floral skirt red boho dress

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