The Ultimate Guide: How to Dress Boho Style for Your Body Type

Have you ever been stuck when there are so many various types of boho clothing available that it gets really hard to decide which one looks more gorgeous and enhances your curves? Not every piece of bohemian style clothes will look well on every body type. The key is to have a solid grasp of your body type in order to determine the finest cuts and styles for yourself. It's tempting to focus on the "problem areas," but while measuring your body shape, try to evaluate your entire body.

Every person's physique is different, and you'll never know which boho dress flatter you unless you put them on. As a woman, we struggle every day with what looks good on our body type. So, describing your body as a shape might help you decide which boho outfits will look great on you. Of course, the only way for you to tell how something will appear on your body is to put it on, so be daring. Have fun with trying our bohemian style holiday dresses for women, and make sure that you understand your body type when choose them.

Rectangle Figure

Ladies, if your waist measurement is not significantly different from your breast or hip, you have a rectangle or square body shape. This is where you want to define your waist and give the appearance that you have one. Look for waist-defining accessories like a drawstring, a tight jacket, or color-blocking pieces to break up the rectangular shape. For example, Ella High-Low Hem Maxi Dress would be a perfect choice for you.

Ella high-low hem boho maxi dress

Pear Figure

Your hips are the broadest region of your body if you have a pear body type. With high-waisted trousers and a striking belt, you can flaunt your defined waistline and beautiful lower portion. Try a shoulder-defining jacket, a puff-sleeve bohemian maxi dress, or a strapless top to balance your proportions by attracting emphasis to your top half. A boat neck shirt is also a wonderful method to highlight your shoulders. I highly recommend our Renee Pants to you, it has four different colors for you to chose, the high-waisted design will not only makes feel comfy when wearing it, but also highlight the excellent proportion of your body.

Renee boho pants from Byiris

Apple Figure

When you have a heavier upper body in contrast to your lower body, you will have an apple-shaped form. People with this body shape typically have broad shoulders and a larger bust line, which is why the weight appears to collect around the midsection. Because the majority of the weight and focus is above the hips, the midriff seems heavier than the rest of the body, despite the fact that there is no waistline. So, the goal here is to draw attention away from that portion of your body. That is why you should show off your legs to create the appearance of a longer torso. This point, you need a mini dress to amplify your leg, believe me, a Sharon Strappy Mini Dress will make you stand out at the party.

Sharon Strappy boho mini dress from Byiris

Athletic or Wedge Figure

If you have an athletic or wedge shape, your shoulder and hip measures will be almost identical. The aim is to even out your broad upper half while maintaining volume on top or bottom. Halter necks, off-the-shoulder, strapless, fine strap, and racerback bohemian dress designs highlight your well-defined upper half. Byiris Hazel Midi Slip Dress will emphasize your good figure, put your best foot forward.

boho Hazel midi dress from Byiris

Hourglass Figure

Hourglass body shape is the most balanced body shape, with a well-defined waistline and a proportionate top and bottom half of the body. Everything at Byiris will fit you, especially Maxi Dresses, emphasize feminine beauty and are preferred for dates, vacations and parties. So, while shopping for dresses, search for ones that will compliment your body type. It's a killer physique, so flaunt it with style. Because you have a well-balanced body, your outfits should reflect that. The dress should sit comfortably on the correct curves and fit the contour of these curves.