How to Style the Bohemian Inspired Clothing

Two beautiful ladies wearing ByIris's bohemian dress

The 60s fashion trends are back in full swing in the market, and you won't want to miss out on these elegant retro designs. Dressing like a hippy has become the new thing among fashionistas, and trust me, none of us anticipated the elegance and funk of 1960s clothing styles to return. Bohemian-inspired fashion is no longer limited to themed events; you can witness boho style in street style to runway fashion shows. Designers have modified the boho style a lot to give them a contemporary feel, but the true essence of bohemian fashion has always remained the same. Hippy trousers are essential for achieving the full Boho style, and they are sometimes the only items you need to rock a hippie gypsy-inspired look.

Beautiful boho pant designed by ByIris

Boho Pant

If you are tired of wearing the same old clothes every day, then we have a solution for you this season. A bohemian-inspired outfit is all you need to change your look or add some colors or personality to your day-to-day outfits. Bohemian fashion is all about expressing yourself and feeling at ease with your clothes. Boho pants are a wardrobe must for everyone who wants to refresh their look and add something new to their wardrobe, and they are true to the expressive spirit of the bohemian style.

Beautiful lady wearing a nice yellow jumpsuit designed by ByIris


We've all been in situations when styling a jumpsuit looks difficult. How to wear and style your jumpsuit can be tricky. Jumpsuits may be intimidating, and if not worn correctly, can make you seem shorter or fat. But we're here to make things easier for you. Read these tips carefully before you buy another jumpsuit for this season.

The important thing is to choose a jumpsuit that hugs you in all the right places if you want to feel elegant and put together. A perfect jumpsuit should be a perfect fit for your body. You may give off a Cat lady feel if you wear a jumpsuit that is very tight, and you may feel awkward. On the other hand, wearing a loose-fit jumpsuit will completely ruin your figure. Always define the waist area with a nice matching belt; it will give a very classy vibe.

Green maxi skirt designed by ByIris

Maxi Skirt

Choose a maxi skirt with a flowery design for a boho look or a lace one for a professional and attractive appearance that best reflects your personality. If you're short, wear a maxi skirt with heels to make your legs appear longer. Combine a maxi skirt with a crop top for a stunning evening look. A maxi skirt looks great with a basic tank top. Tank tops are basic shirts that go with almost everything. This minimalist look works well in warmer weather and looks fantastic with maxi skirts.

Boho style linen pants designed by ByIris

Linen Pants

For a formal event, pair linen trousers with a sophisticated silk shirt. The majority of silk tops look fantastic with linen and are nearly always acceptable for a special occasion. Linen pants look great with any flat shoes, whether they're white sneakers, flats, or sandals. Wear a simple white t-shirt with a pair of wide-leg or cropped linen pants.