How to Choose the Right Bohemian Dress for Your Figure

We all adore the bohemian aesthetic, but why does that flowy off-white dress looks fabulous on the model but like a potato sack on you? How do you choose a dress if you’re tall and skinny? Or you’re more curvaceous and petite and don’t want to feel dwarfed by the full-length skirt? We have some useful tips for you to choose styles that are flattering to your body shape. 

belinda strappy maxi dress

Belinda Strappy Boho Maxi Dress

Dressing for your body type is all about learning and being familiar with your shape and what are attractive cuts and styles for you. For apple, pear and triangle shaped bodies, A-line dresses are more flattering and smoothing. Hourglass figures can pick wrap dresses or dresses with a defined waist and V-line necks to accentuate your best areas, whereas straight figures can choose dresses with extra embellishments such as ruffles or loud prints to add texture to your shape. 

Karla High-Low Hem Maxi Dress

Styling Bohemian Dress According to Your Body Shape

Choose a suitable style bohemian dress to match your occasion. If you are attending a more dressy event, such as a fine lunch or dinner, you can definitely go for a full length dress with light and airy fabrics to not weigh you down. If you’re after a more casual dress, you could choose a shorter length style with more fun prints or embellishments. Choose a dress that compliments your figure, complexion, and skin tone, otherwise you risk looking either drab and washed out, or the color could clash with your skin tones. 

La Botani Maxi Skirt - Light Moss

La Botani Maxi Skirt - Light Moss

Full length dresses in darker prints or colors, with a cinched elastic waistline can be more flattering for curvy or plus sized figures. Pair this with flat gladiator sandals and a fringed purse to complete your look. 

Prints are commonly utilized in the bohemian style. Paisley, liberty, flowers, and Aztec, of course, but also animal patterns are worn in a bohemian style, such as leopard or snake. In this case, we suggest a snake-printed shirt in a flowing fabric that would flatter curved figures. Be aware that big and saturated prints elongate the body. A cardigan adds a bohemian touch to any clothing while slimming the upper body and making the shape appear slender - our boho pants are the perfect matching with your flowing boho style.

Hazel Maxi Skirt

Consider accessories to create and pull together your easy-to-wear bohemian outfit. Think summery sandals in tan or a pop of color, suede ankle boots to keep it casual and chic, fringed and tassled crossbody purses. You can create more texture in your outfit by incorporating boho style jewellery elements such as interesting stones and beads, feathers, shells, and other natural materials.

There are no hard set rules with the boho look, be creative and explore your connection with nature and your surroundings. Explore our new boho maxi dress and floral maxi dress at Byiris today and start your unique bohemian journey with us.